Video: Geek connects AR.Drone's cameras to transparent VR goggles

What's a young geek to do when he has two expensive gadgets? Naturally, pop on Pink Floyd and get to combining the two. In a little over a month, Thomas Sohmers has done just that — connect the awesome Parrot AR.Drone to a pair of Epson Moverio BT-100 transparent video glasses to create one neat trick.

Sohmer's VR glasses/drone isn't really a "hack" as it is a configuration. The BT-100 is just a head-mounted video display that runs Android 2.2 and has Wi-Fi. Unlike Sony's Personal 3D Viewer, the BT-100 has transparent frames, so you can still take in your surroundings.

Basically, the AR.Drone is feeding the video it captures into the BT-100, so he can see what the drone sees. His eyes aren't being used to control the Drone, but you can't argue that it's not geeky, because it is and our geek senses are tingling.

And even thought the drone can only fly and rotate vertically, we're hoping Sohmers will add more to this concept. Hopefully something more technical will come along in the future and we'll all be using Tobii's eye-tracking tech to control our own drones.

You can watch the entire video in its entirety below, but be warned, the max resolution is 240p. Come on, are you going to knock the kid down for having a crappy camera when he has a pair of transparent glasses that cost about $650? Cut the kid some slack and enjoy his VR glasses/drone mashup.

Via YouTube

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