Video from camera mounted on a power drill makes your head spin

The setup looks a lot like an old-fashioned toy ray gun, but in the hands of French designer Oscar Lhermitte it shoots concept art. The artist's materials are certainly a bit different — a camera mounted to a power drill — but the results are pretty cool.

The drill was turning at 1200 rpm, and the video was taking images at 15 frames per second. That's a lot of movement. According to the artist he was trying to experiment in color gradients and the video we see involved no post-production.

The video is certainly head spinning — filled with lots of bright hued color washes. I think it starts to get really interesting around 1:20 or so when the camera shoots streetlights at night.

Whether you are interested in the artistic results or the Tim Allen's Tool Time like set-up, enjoy the ride!

Gizmodo, via LaughingSquid

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