Video: Guy takes his bike out for insane parkour-like tricks

Parkour: "the activity or sport of running through an area, typically in an urban environment, using acrobatic techniques to negotiate obstacles." Bike parkour: making your bike hop up and down ledges, rooftops, rails, and any other narrow places bikes aren't supposed to on.

It's perfectly okay if you've never heard of Australian stunt cyclist Andrew Dickey (for a quick recap on who this dude is and why he's going viral, read TribalZine's interview). By the time you finish the video below, you will have his name ingrained into your brain.

Dickey is a fearless biker who can only be described as having some big-ass balls. Who knows how many bones this guy has broken or how many visits to the hospital he's had to perfect jumping from rails and rooftops. The thing about his stunts is that he doesn't just jump down from mind-numbing heights, but he sometimes manages to jump up onto platforms that seem impossible to reach with a bike. He's just — nuts.

Watch the video below and be amazed. I suddenly want to take up stunt bike lessons. Anybody know any instructors? As always, don't try these stunts at home. Dickey is a pro. He's been doing it for so many years that his bike is probably more afraid of him than he is of riding it over a ledge.

To see more of Dickey's unbelievable biking stunts, visit his YouTube channel.

YouTube, via LikeCool

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