Video: 771-pound corkscrew is the most complex we've ever seen

What's made out of lots of bronze gears, weighs 771 pounds, hand-cranked, gently takes out a wine cork and then pours a glass of fine wine for you? If your answer was Rob Higgs' massive corkscrew, go pour yourself a glass of wine!

Higg's contraption is the world's largest functional corkscrew. It took about three years to build and is just absolutely over the top. It's not steampunk and it's not from the Victorian era, but it could just as easily be, as it's made from plenty of olds stuff — old bells, old drills, old fishing arrows — the works!

This corkscrew isn't pocketable. The entire thing measures 65-inches tall and 60-inches wide and requires its own table.

To get the machine running, simply place any bottle (doesn't even have to be wine) with a cork into the clamp, place a glass into its corresponding platform and then crank the handle like a mad man. This is how machinery and fine engineering used to work. Nowadays it's all app this and PHP that.

Higgs has a sense of humor too. As he gives the video demo below, he jokes that he's not worried about anybody copying his design. Yeah, we think it should be safe, too.

YouTube, via MAKE

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