Video: 45-foot paper airplane needs a helicopter to throw it

The Pima Air & Space Museum in Tuscon, Arizona decided what the world really wants to see isn't a man pretending to fly, but a helicopter getting forced out of the sky by the weight of a 45-foot-long paper aircraft. Good news: there's a video and everything.

The paper airplane, which is being hailed as the world's largest, flew for all of six seconds after it was released by a helicopter (the pilot of which "gave the order to cut the plane loose from the cable when it began to pull the chopper itself in a strong gust," according to museum officials). The ending of the video released by the museum suggests the flight ended in a pretty gnarly spiral of a nose-dive.

See the launch, lift and flight for yourself in the video below.

Great Paper Airplane Project, via Pima Air & Space, via CNET

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