Valmet Dawn concept car is a melting electric mystery

Valmet Automotive is a Finnish company that builds cars for other people. The company is assembling Karmas for Fisker, for example. It's fairly easy to see why this is the case: left to their own devices, Valmet engineers came up with this bizarre "Dawn" concept car that even they can't explain.

Seriously, we've checked, and Valmet has no idea what's going on with this thing. Here's the official statement:

The demonstrator "Dawn" integrates both the component developer and integrator roles. Displaying the battery pack, drivetrain, control unit and charging options, it also shows what ultimately can be achieved in the world of electric mobility, by integrating solutions in an innovative fashion.

You know a company is just desperate to come up with something to say it uses a buzzword like "integrate" three times in two sentences. And Valmet didn't do any better when guys standing right next to the concept were asked what the deal was: "[Dawn] combines our achievements in EV component development, our integrator role and our visionary ideas." Yeah, that's great, but does it fly or shoot lasers or anything?

It looks like we'll just have to use our imaginations with Dawn, so let's do it: Dawn is designed for a post-apocalyptic world where 99% of the human population was instantly wiped out by neutronium bombs deployed during the invasion of the teenage mutant ninja biker mice from Mars. To get around on highways that are otherwise cluttered with abandoned vehicles and zombies, Dawn uses its melted profile and reverse-polarity inductive charging system to get underneath all those abandoned cars and flip them out of the way at 90 miles an hour. Sweet!

Valmet, via Wired and Carscoop

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