University researchers use Lego robots as lab equipment

You might think that a fancy highbrow University like Cambridge in England would use only expensive purpose-built equipment in their science labs, but it turns out that they do what most ten year olds would do to make their machines, they turn to Lego.

The students were working on ways to manufacture artificial bones, and the process requires that you dip the material in different solutions repeatedly for precise lengths of time. Instead of paying through the nose for some fancy research robot to do the job, Ph.D student Daniel Strange figured he could make something much more cheaply using a Lego Mindstorms kit bought from a toy store. Best of all, he got to play with Lego while calling it 'research.'

If your Mom ever told you to stop playing with your Lego and do something productive, just show them this video to demonstrate how you were just preparing for future University research projects.

Via The Verge

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