'UFO' concept phone folds itself to unlock additional features

Designer Jeong Jaewan's UFO phone concept may look like an ordinary cellphone while at rest, but it's actually got a bending and folding modular body that unlocks all kinds of goodies. It also makes clever use of a technology that you could have in a smartphone very soon, too: in-phone projectors.

The UFO — "UFO" being an acronym for "User Feeling Object" — will work just like any other phone if that's what you want. It's got some nifty tricks in the wings, though.

Folding the phone would allow it to act like a stand. Up top you can see it folded, standing and employing a projected interface for a larger screen, complete with a virtual keyboard. Down below in the gallery you can see this idea extrapolated out: set on a table the UFO could project a movie, say, or hanging on a wall it could suddenly stand in for a projection TV with a roomy screen.

Looking at all of the uses a phone like the UFO would have, it's easy to imagine a world where you really do have that all-in-one gadget in your pocket: instead of a television on your wall there'd just be a dock to plug in your phone, which would aptly fill the roll with a high resolution projector; your desktop PC would be replaced by UFO's projected interface; all of your general portable media and music needs would be fulfilled by your smartphone, just as it is today, by and large. It'd probably make heavy use of the cloud, too.

It's a future where your smartphone is the nerve center of your digital life, and it's the only gadget you need.

Jeong Jaewan, via Yanko Design

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