Tokyo's Hammock Cafe lets you chow down while really hanging out

The ancient Romans liked to eat while lying down, but I don't think even they managed to come up with an idea as cool as the Hammock Cafe.

Inside the cafe (actual name is Mahika Mano), hammocks take the place of chairs, so you can relax as you enjoy a tasty beverage or snack. Naturally, once you get comfortable you won't want to move, so the cafe has a time limit of between 90 to 120 minutes depending on how busy it is. That sounds like plenty of time, unless you really plan on sleeping there.

The hidden agenda is that the Hammock Cafe is actually sharing space with Hammock 2000, a Japanese hammock vendor. So the cafe acts as a showroom where you can try them out before you buy. Sounds like a win-win arrangement to me.

Oddity Central, via TreeHugger

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