Tobii eye-tracking gets smaller, cheaper, closer to your gadgets

When we checked out Tobii's eye-tracking magic back at CES, we were blown away by how well it worked, but the hardware was prohibitively bulky. Tobii's new IS-2 module is smaller, cheaper, and ready for manufacturers to shove into (almost) anything you want to control with your eyeballs.

Tobii doesn't seem to have any interest in coming out with its own consumer electronics, no matter how much we'd like it to: as we saw at CES, it's mostly interested in partnering with manufacturers (such as Lenovo), and it'll only sell you its hardware if you represent a company that wants to buy a bajillion units.

The Tobii IS-2 makes it easier for gadget makers to pull the trigger on adding some sweet eye-trackability to wherever it fits. It's 75% smaller, drains 40% less power, and (most importantly) Tobii says that it has a "dramatically lower" but still unspecified price.

We're not sure where we'll first be seeing Tobii's technology in terms of consumer electronics. Our fantasy would involve integration directly into ultrabooks and smartphones, but that might take awhile. In the meantime, a more realistic expectation might be all-in-one desktop PCs and possibly gaming laptops, but we're really hoping for a little stand-alone Kinect-style peripheral that you can plug into anything you want to eyeballify it.

Tobii, via Engadget

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