This TIE fighter replica is big enough to sit inside

For sale: 1/3 scale TIE Fighter made from 3/4 plywood with wings sheeted in cardboard. Fits Star Wars geeks that weigh up to 300 pounds. Your's for one low low price on Craigslist Seattle.

Apparently TIE Fighter pilots land their starships in Seattle. Or, you know, some fan made an 8x8x8-foot TIE Fighter that "breaks down into 5 pieces for easy transport" with cockpit that's 38 x 38-inches and large enough to fit a five-foot tall person.

For some reason, the father is selling the replica starship for $150 on Craigslist. Was his son bad? Did he turn against the Empire and go train in the ways of the Jedi, betraying his fellow TIE Fighter pilots and Vader?

We'll never know, but hey, $150 or best offer. If I lived in Seattle, I'd buy it.

CORRECTION: The headline of this article indicated that the TIE fighter replica in question was "life sized." As pointed out in the comments below, it is indeed not a 1:1 replica. We have adjusted our language accordingly.

Craigslist, via Gizmodo

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