This awesome terrible Linux computer takes 4 hours to boot

Here's a question: how terrible can you make a computer that can still run Ubuntu? The answer, it seems, is fairly terrible, as hacker Dmitry Grinberg discovered when he designed the anemic monstrosity pictured above, deliberately constructed to be as slow as possible.

Here are the hardware specs on this thing: you're looking at an eight-bit (that's eight-bit) microprocessor running at 24 MHz, hooked up to 16MB of RAM and 128KB of memory. Linux, for the record, won't run on any system that operates with less than 32 bits, so Grinberg had to write a 32-bit emulator for the 8-bit processor. It worked, but it chopped the processor clockspeed down to just 6.5KHz. The upshot is that loading a command prompt takes two hours on this computer, and loading Ubuntu itself takes four hours. Once it's booted up, though, it's apparently "somewhat usable."

So, uh, what's the point? As Grinberg says, "it may be the cheapest, slowest, simplest to hand assemble, lowest part count, and lowest-end Linux PC." Grinberg himself uses it to reformat the occasional SD card, but for the rest of us, holding out for a Raspberry Pi likely makes more sense.

Dmitry Grinberg, via ExtremeTech

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