This app lets you literally wipe your butt with your tweets

For some reason people love customized toilet paper. If it's not glow-in-the-dark wipes, it's ones decorated with President Obama's face. This new app (with a name that might offend) lets you print toilet paper with your favorite Twitter feeds on 'em. Who needs bathroom magazines?

The app is called Shitter. After authorizing the app to access your Twitter account, Shitter lets you choose between your tweets, tweets in your timeline or tweets from any list that you've made.

Don't like your tweets? That can be remedied as well. Shitter also lets you choose tweets from other users — so long as they're public tweets.

Shitter doesn't print your tweets in real-time like Mario Lukas' toilet paper tweet printer, but at least it beats smearing ink all over your rear.

$35 will get you four rolls of TP with the feeds of your choice. Shipping and tax are additional charges. Order up your own custom rolls at Get Shitter and give your guests something to read next time you've got a house party.

Shitter, via Laughing Squid

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