Terrifying Star Wars franken toys butcher the classics

Think you know all there is to know about Star Wars toys? Think again. These unofficial toys made by Etsy sellers Brad and Stacey Rader would definitely never get the Lucas seal of approval.

Anybody's who's seen Toy Story knows how hard it is to "let toys go." It's devastating — for the toys. They turn evil and then try to kill all of your other toys.

Look, we don't judge, we just like to share, and these hand-made franken Star Wars toys are definitely different. We're not sure what's more menacing, the regular Darth Vader or his head strapped to a baby doll's body, attached with a robotic claw arm clamping another baby.

Who's buying these toys? If I saw these when I was a child, I'd have crapped my pants and probably would have had nightmares for weeks.

Etsy, via GeeksAreSexy

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