These Star Trek ties are color-coded for the jobs we all wish we had

The ruminating geeks over at ThinkGeek are offering a subtle, professional way for a fan of Star Trek to strike their colors: officially licensed Star Trek ties. We're not talking ties with gaudy scenes from the various series. These are tasteful, carry only a small Starfleet badge on them and come in three different flavors.

As you can see above, there are ties for command, science and engineering crew members (such as Kirk, Spock and Scotty, respectively), and the hues are an "exact color match to the 1969 Original Series," according to ThinkGeek.

A simple tie not enough from you? Then how about a coffee table, gen-u-wine translator, a fully Trekked-out apartment and, finally, a space burial?

The ties are $50 a pop, though we're sure ThinkGeek won't mind if you simply turn to a replicator instead.

Via ThinkGeek

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