Auto-correct screw-up locks down high school for two hours

It can be pretty funny when your phone's autocorrect changes something like "children" to "chicken," but nobody was laughing at a Georgia high school when a texting SNAFU caused both it and the neighboring middle school to be locked down for over two hours.

Just before lunch, a student at Georgia's Lanier Technical College sent an SMS message to his friend at West Hall high school in Oakwood, saying that he was "gunna be at West Hall this afternoon." Only problem is, his phone changed "gunna" to "gunman," and he sent the text to the wrong person. That person called the cops, and they told both the West Hall high and middle schools to immediately go on lock down. Eventually they traced the phone number and figured out what happened, but at that point the school day was almost over.

With school shootings becoming depressingly commonplace, it's easy to see why nobody was about to dismiss this screw up as a mistake. Let's just hope the kid starts to read his texts before hitting the send button.

Gainesville Times, via BoingBoing

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