Modular snowboard converts into skis, a shovel, a saw and more

If you're going snowboarding out in the back country, all kinds of problems could leave you far from help. This transformer-style snowboard should help you to survive until help can reach you.

The guys from Signal Snowboards built this special Survivor Split board, which separates into three parts to become a pair of skis and a snow shovel to help you dig a snow shelter. Going further they managed to hide a folding saw into the structure, along with a compass, thermometer, fire-starting flint, and a signal board for attracting help. You can even clip the two skis together to make a kind of snow surfboard they call The Snurfer.

In the video you can watch as they test out the prototype, digging a 'snow condo' for nine people and spending the night out on the freezing mountain. I guess some people call that fun, but I think I'll stick with my warm cozy bed thank you.

Signal Snowboards, via Gizmag

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