Subwing lets you fly underwater, makes scuba diving look boring

With spring coming up, it's the perfect time to forget about the cold winter days and start planning what to do in the summer sun. One idea that looks to be tons of fun: flipping, diving and gliding underwater on this Subwing water board.

Invented in 2010 by Simon Siversten, the Subwing is not at all related to Batman's Batwing. The Subwing works like a pair of waterskis (and from a certain angle, looks like turtle arms). It's basically a board that's attached to a boat as a "rider" hangs on to it, soaring through the water — either underwater or above water.

The main attraction to the Subwing is that movement can be controlled by "tilting the two wings in different directions" to pull off stunts like "dives, sideway movements or spins." Just watch the video below and you'll understand what why it's so awesome.

It's a hell of a "sport" that looks extremely fun, so long as you're careful and don't fly into any underwater corals or rocks.

How much to get your very own Subwing? Fiber glass models will run you $700, while carbon fiber Subwings cost $895 for glossy and $850 for matte. Additional mounts for Go Pro cameras and ropes are sold separately.

All right Santa, I've been mostly good this year! Don't forget to put me on the "Nice" list, okay?

Subwing, via The Awesomer

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