Spherical Oil Silo Home is where we'll live when the oil runs out

It may be an impossible question to even fathom for you and me, but the folks over at Berlin's Pinkcloud.dk design studio are asking what our world will look like when we're not so fixated on oil. The estimated 49,000 oil silos worldwide, the group argues, could be transformed into some pretty futuristic-looking homes.

The houses are designed to support three separate apartments, up to 12 occupants and be "100% self-supporting." That's a tall order, and the Silo Home tries to make that happen by using the structure's shape to maximize the amount of solar power it pulls in no matter where the sun is, and taking advantage of passive heat and cooling. In fact, if things go according to plan, the silo-turned-shelter "is designed to generate energy while simultaneously reducing energy use."

From Pinkcloud.dk:

As the human population increases at an exponential rate, oil discovery is decreasing at an exponential rate. Natural gas is becoming scarce and oil silos are now becoming abandoned as storage containers. As Earth rapidly approaches Peak Oil, non-renewable fossil fuel resources are diminishing fast. Soon humans can no longer depend on natural gas as an energy source. At this point, humans cannot use the existing 49,000 oil silos as fuel storage containers. Oil Silos will all be emptied and abandoned.

The designers get pretty detailed and technical. Head here to check out the nitty-gritty of the design.

Pinkcloud.dk, via Archiscene

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