Solar ski helmet charges your gadgets until you crash into a tree

When I go skiing I like to savor the solitude of the mountains, but I guess some people can't stand the thought of living without their music for an afternoon. For them, this solar ski helmet will can charge up their gadgets as they ski, ensuring that their tunes will keep playing until the last chairlift of the day.

A team from the Frauenhofer Institute in Germany has developed a breakthrough solar panel technology that is both flexible and efficient, properties that until recently were mutually exclusive. Thankfully they also added durable to that list of properties, because the top of the helmet is the first thing that hits the tree when you crash.

Frauenhofer say the helmet will be on sale by the end of the year for around $400, which sounds expensive until you wipe out in the back country with a dead cellphone and need to call for help.

Frauenhofer Institute, via Treehugger

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