Ridiculously priced Neo Geo X makes a PS Vita look cheap as hell

The Neo Geo is back. Originally rumored to be making a return back in January, it's now been confirmed that the "Neo Geo X" portable gaming handheld is not the photoshopped concept of some bored fan. But to go old school, it'll cost ya.

To clear up a few facts, the Neo Geo X is a handheld built for retro game lovers. Tommo Inc and BLAZE will be handling the release for the U.S. and U.K markets. Previously reported to have a 4.3-inch display, the Neo Geo X will actually have a 3.5-inch screen, SD card slot, A/V output, a pair of stereo speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The handheld will come with 20 official classic games including:

  1. Art of Fighting
  2. Baseball Stars
  3. Cyber Lip
  4. Fatal Fury
  5. Fatal Fury Special
  6. Football Frenzy
  7. King of the Monsters
  8. Last Resort
  9. League Bowling
  10. Magician Lord
  11. Metal Slug
  12. Mutation Nation
  13. NAM 1975
  14. Samurai Shodown
  15. Sengoku
  16. Super Sidekicks
  17. The King of Fighers '94
  18. The Ultimate 11
  19. Top Players Gold
  20. World Heroes

What's pricing look like to enjoy classic Neo Geo titles? Absolutely out of this world. The Neo Geo X will sell for £500 (about $800). Yes, all that cash could buy you a new iPad and a PS Vita.

You better really reeaaally love Neo Geo if you're considering this guy. Otherwise, you're just CRAZY.

Mobile Mag, via GameInformer

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