Samsung adds 'blink detection' to smartphone face unlock feature

Remember Samsung's rad Android 4.0 ICS feature that let users unlock their smartphones with their face? Yeah, it can easily be fooled by photos. To secure it better, Samsung's gone and added "blink detection" to the software to make it harder to spoof.

The problem with smartphone face detection is that it's not scanning for anything that's really considered uncrackable. The phone's front camera isn't performing a retina scan or anything. It's just looking at your face and matching it up with whatever it is you set for your lock template.

Samsung's face unlock feature was a novel idea to make Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich look more attractive, but it was very easy to trick.

By adding "blinking detection" the camera can now reject photos. It'll only unlock when it detects the original owner blinking. But there's another issue. What happens if a person uses video footage of the owner blinking. Will that unlock the smartphone?

It's far less common for someone to have video of you blinking, but it's not impossible with a little elbow work to get some decent footage. We'll have to judge it when someone puts Samsung's blinking detection to the test.

We really like where this is going, but there needs to be a higher level of security in order for something like facial unlocking to be dependable.

Via Slashgear

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