Rumor: Nokia building Lumia-branded Windows 8 tablet for this year

With the Nokia Lumia family of phones firmly planted, it's kind of a no-brainer that the Microsoft/Nokia partnership is running on course. A new rumor now hints that Nokia might show off a Windows 8 tablet by the end of the year. We'll take one to go please.

According to the rumor-loving DigiTimes, Nokia will reportedly release a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet with a dual-core processor by the fourth quarter of 2012. Its tablet will be ARM-powered.

If this turns out true (with no delays), then we might finally see some real competition to the iPad that's not a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. In a crowded Android sea, Nokia chose Windows Phone 7 to power its smartphones — to be different. The same strategy could work for building a proper iPad rival.

Based on the many reviews from tech blogs, it seems that Microsoft has a real hit with Windows 8 and tablets on its hands. From the the Semantic Zoom to the multitasking with apps and even a vastly improved Internet Explorer 10, reviewers seem to have nothing but praise for the new Metro UI. The same can't really be said for its classic "desktop" mode.

Should Nokia build a Windows 8 tablet — and really what other options does it have? — it would surely combine the company's eye for elegant hardware with simple software (and hopefully some sick cameras!) to create something worth talking about.

Make sure the price is can compete with the now $400 iPad 2 and Nokia really has a good chance.

In other Nokia news, the Lumia 900 for AT&T — the Lumia 800's big-screened brother — is reportedly delayed. Not good. Not good at all for the Finnish phone giant that wants to make a splash in North America.

DigiTimes, via TechCrunch

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