Rifle-shaped camera wants you to hunt for the 'perfect shot'

Rather than bring real guns with real ammo to shoot and kill wild animals in the woods, the Gregg Group has a much better and PETA-friendly idea: the Kill Shot. The Kill Shot is not a weapon; it's a camera — a digital camera that IdeaSupport, the idea was conceived when two of the three Gregg brothers were out hunting and failed to shoot a deer. Instead, the two brothers used a cellphone and positioned it in front of their rifle scope and snagged a picture to bring home.

Thus the Kill Shot was born.

The concept rifle camera is currently a project on KickStarter. The Gregg Group is hoping to reach $15,500 to start production. As of this writing, there's $2,441 pledged. If you think this is a product you'd use or enjoy, go ahead and donate. At least you know shooting pics in the wild with a Kill Shot would be more ergonomic than with a DSLR. The question on image quality still remains up in the air.

IdeaSupport, via KickStarter

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