Regular quadrotors just got punked by this awesome DeLorean version

Quadrotors are so hot right now. It seems a day doesn't pass when we don't hear about them doing something cool like playing the theme to James Bond or flying in formation. That's all fine for a regular quadrotor, but none of those are Back to the Future DeLorean quadrotors.

It just takes one person and a vision to outdo something already pretty cool with something cooler. The maker of this flying DeLorean has hand crafted an amazingly accurate model of Doc Brown's time machine from Back to the Future and sent it flying.

Here's all the geeky technical specs before I wax poetic about its beauty: it has stabilization control powered by MultiWii, a HobbyKing 12A BlueSeriesA speed A controller, and Turnigy 2204-14T motors for engines.

Ok, now I'm going to talk about how cool it looks. It looks exactly like the movie DeLorean screaming off into the sky. Plus its got all the insane lights that made Doc Brown's look so cool — only with 21st century LEDs.

With the way it hovers and handles you'll get to see all the detail and lighting to its best advantage — especially at night.

We all know Doc was a mad inventor so I'm pretty sure he'd be proud as hell about this tribute to his genius.

Via Technabob

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