Pic: What an iPad would look like if it was invented in 1935

Without a doubt, today was Apple's day. After all, it was filled with new iPads, new Apple TVs and updated apps. To end an iPad or "iDay" as we've been calling it here at DVICE, here's a look back at how the future of reading looked like in 1935.

Appearing in an April issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics, this contraption was a microfilm reader (who's old enough to remember these?) attached to a large pole and photographed pages would be enlarged on a glass screen. Buttons would allow for focusing and flipping of pages. It's basically an e-reader/tablet would have looked like if we the world never made the leap into digital.

Seems silly right? Not to that strapping fellow in the picture sitting in his comfy chair. Oh no, in 1935, this was considered high-tech. Paper books? Ha! We've been trying to be rid of them for ages.

In an alternate universe, this invention would have been the future. We're thankful it's not and we have tablets and e-readers that don't take up precious living room space.

Via Smithsonia

(Thanks Paul!)

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