Pic: 56-foot-tall vending machine shooting frikkin' lasers

Rounding out our rather comprehensive vending machine coverage as of late (there are VMs for raw milk, devastating emergencies and, of course, cupcakes), here's perhaps the most ridiculous of them all. Doritos has erected a massive 56-foot-tall shrine to its cheese-powered product down in Austin, Texas for SXSW, which also happens to double as a laser-blasting concert stage.

As far as performance spaces go it may not be the wildest (these would be the wildest), but you can't really argue with a monolith of a vending machine. Doritos also handed out bags of its new "JACKED" tortilla chip line to revelers attending the festival, which sounds just as threatening as Pepperidge Farm's promise to flavor blast those lovable little Goldfish crackers.

Of course, such a huge vending machine needs a pretty big power outlet to plug into, right? Right:


Via Doritos

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