Pentagon aims to ditch computer passwords with your typing style

You know you have a unique fingerprint. You know you have a unique handwriting style. You probably don't know you have a unique typing style. And the Pentagon wants to use that in place of a password. Maybe Tyler Durden was wrong: you might be a unique snowflake after all.

DARPA, everyone's favorite research arm for the Pentagon, wants to rid itself of passwords altogether. It makes sense in a way: passwords, after all, can be stolen. They have to be stored somewhere, which means they can be found.

A typing style, on the other hand, would be far more difficult to recreate. Not to mention the system could merely identify the user in the background while that user works, creating more subtle security which could be more effective.

The biggest setback is the amount of time one would have to spend working at a computer before entering email or other secured areas, since the computer would need to identify users before they could access sensitive information. IT would also require constant monitoring.

Nonetheless, it'd be more effective than our current system. And at least it sounds easier than using your heartbeat.

Via Gizmo Watch

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