Nokia almost ruined Windows Phone 7 with its ugly custom design

You know how OEMs have tugged and tweaked Google's stock Android OS to fit their needs and how it's a convoluted fragmented mess now? Nokia almost butchered Windows Phone 7's simple and elegant MetroUI interface with its own abominable skin. And what an ugly train wreck it could have been.

New images obtained by PocketNow have surfaced that show what Nokia was planning to make Windows Phone 7 its own.

Feast your eyes on these mock-up screenshots of what Nokia had planned for its own custom Windows Phone 7. Gone is Windows Phone 7's flat and squared off live tiles and in its place is a mess of bubbly grossness filled with typical Nokia widgety junk that looks like it was made for babies.

PocketNow says the mock-ups were created by a senior research and development graphic designer at Nokia and were transferred to Accenture (the company now working on Symbian) in September 2011.

However, a Nokia representative denied that the designs were part of any official project at Nokia.

Real or not, we're just glad that something this terrible didn't make it onto any real phones and we hope it stays that way.

Via PocketNow

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