Noisy Jelly turns Jell-O molestation into tasty electronic music

Besides its taste (and its qualities as the next generation of computer memory), the greatest thing about Jell-O is how tactile it is. You can jiggle it and wiggle it in all kinds of crazy ways, and there's now a kit that lets you add some musical accompaniment to all the fun.

Getting Jell-O to generate sounds looks like magic, but it's not. It's science! The game board (where the Jell-O jelly shapes live) is a big capacitive touch sensor, and the different jellies and colors each have different concentrations of salt between where your finger touches them and where they contact the sensor. More or less salt means more or less electrical resistance, allowing the game board to make an educated guess about what shape you're touching and where you're touching it. It converts those guesses into audio signals, turning your pokes and prods into beautiful music noises.


Noisy Jelly comes with four different combinations of salt concentrations in different colors, plus ten molds to make different shapes. Setting everything up from scratch takes all of ten minutes, and since the kit itself is based on an Arduino board, if or when it becomes available we can't imagine it'll be too absurdly expensive.

Watch the kit in action in the video below, which has undergone absolutely no sound editing at all.

Press Kit (PDF), via DesignBoom

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