New Microsoft patent reveals gaming helmet with laser projections

Have motion controls not whet your appetite yet? Good, because the future of gaming could look decidedly different. A recently unearthed Microsoft patent points to work on a gaming helmet that'll use lasers to project virtual images in front of each eye.

It sounds similar to Sony's Personal 3D Viewer, doesn't it? It's kind of like that, but a little more sophisticated.

According to PatentBolt:

As the human eye can't focus on images less than a few centimeters away, a compact display system may be configured to provide the display image as a virtual image--e.g., an image formed in a focal plane located more than a few centimeters from the eye. One challenge in this field is to form such an image using a compact, robust optical arrangement, which also provides suitable image resolution and fidelity.

To solve close range issues, Microsoft patent suggests using lasers to just project images in front of each eyeball. Each projection could be as large as 21-inches in diagonal length with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Another possibility stated in the patent states that the projectors could also be partly transparent, allowing for HUD-style augmented reality interfaces. Sound familiar again? Google's supposedly working on some real HUD goggles for sale by the end of the year.

How Microsoft would implement a gaming helmet into its future Xbox hardware is uncertain, but it sure keeps the doors open on innovation. If Nintendo thinks it can convince everybody that a tablet controller is worth the dinero, why not Microsoft with a gaming helmet?

PatentBolt, via SlashGear

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