New home movie of the 1986 Challenger shuttle disaster surfaces

A couple of years go we ran a story about a home video of the Challenger shuttle explosion that had surfaced after a whopping 24 years in the can. Now we have more rediscovered amateur footage, and this time it's from a much closer perspective.

In the video footage uncovered two years ago, videographer Jerry Moss realized pretty quickly that something was very wrong. In this new footage it takes a while for the reality to sink in, even though it's from much closer and well within earshot of the NASA launch site commentary.

Unlike Moss' Betamax video footage, this new angle was shot on Super 8 movie film by then 19 year old Jeffrey Ault. After tossing it into a box back in 1986, he recently rediscovered the footage. As a long time space buff living in California at the time, Ault jumped at the chance to see the launch live while on a trip to Florida.

In a recent reflection on that day Ault said ""I was hoping to see an event that I would remember for the rest of my life. I did. Just not the way I would have liked to."

I expect a lot of us feel the same way, even if like myself we were only able to see it on TV.

Huffington Post, via Slashgear

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