Nerd Revenge 2000: fires 10 pencils, makes school bullies fear ya

Nerds, geeks, weaklings — it's time to stop getting your butts kicked. Slingshot expert Jörg Sprave is here to defend you from having your lunch money taken with his latest creation: the Nerd Revenge 2000. With this, no bully will ever mess with you again.

Most known for his big and deadly slingshots, the Nerd Revenge 2000 is different in that instead of shooting sawblades, rubber bands or 80mm steel balls, it shoots regular wooden pencils — 10 of 'em sharpened up — and is dangerous enough to puncture cardboard boxes at nearly 100 miles per hour from 16.4feet away.

We won't ruin any of the surprises, but let's just say that the weapon is powerful enough to shoot more than just cardboard. Glue on some arrow field tips to the pencil and things get even more fun.

Playground bullies will run with tears in their eyes, but you'll probably still get tossed into detention if you build one yourself. We advise you not to make your own. Remember, Sprave's a pro.

Via Slingshot Channel (YouTube)

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