Mind-controlled skateboard reads your brain waves for directions

Gesture-controlled hacks are pretty cool, but that technology seems positively stone aged compared to something that actually reads your mind.

The Board of Imagination from Chaotic Moon Labs takes that extra step, reacting to your thoughts through brain wave reading sensors. All you need to do is to think about moving forwards, and the motorized deck will start to accelerate. Then when thoughts of stopping run through your mind, the deck pulls up to a stop.

To make it all work, first the Emotiv helmet-like brain reading sensors pick up your thoughts, then they are processed by a Samsung tablet running Windows 8. The tablet connects to a controller for the electric motor that drives the wheels, translating your thoughts into action.

While this looks like a lot of fun, it's the future applications for this technology that are literally mind boggling. For example, quadriplegics could have a wheelchair that is controlled by thinking instead of blowing into a tube. Or imagine a car that just went where you wanted it to without requiring a steering wheel or gas pedal.

If Chaotic Moon Labs sounds familiar, they're the guys behind that grocery cart that follows you around the store.

Chaotic Moon Labs, via CNet

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