Microsoft's Kinect, now picking out your perfect jeans

Welcome to the future of trying on jeans: instead of stepping into a dressing room with a pair you think will fit, you'll instead enter the fitting room of tomorrow, equipped with a ring of eight Kinect sensors. They'll see your body from every angle and, after mapping your contours in mere seconds, knows exactly what pair of pants will fit you best.

The system is being set up by U.K.-based Bodymetrics for a promotion Bloomingdales is running (you can read more about that here), and while it looks like the Kinect-scanner is going to be a temporary fixture, it's a development that could have all kinds of interesting uses.

Imagine if you could do this at home: instead of eight Kinect units, maybe you could get it done with just one. (I'm picturing the Kinect asking its human subject to spin slowly in front of it with the lights down low, which is kind of creepy in a True Lies kind of way.) You could then shop online without having to worry about different stores cutting shirt sizes differently, or buying pants that'll look to short on you.

We're not there yet, of course: even the rig at Bloomingdales only sorts your body into three inoffensively named categories: emerald, sapphire or ruby. You then have a starting point on where to shop, though you probably already have a good idea of if you're small, medium or large, and so on.

Kinect for Windows, via TechCrunch

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