Mari0: Playable Super Mario Bros. and Portal mashup sidescroller

What started out as a joke by the funny folks at Dorkly is now a real game. Yep, the fans over at StabYourself were so adamant about a Super Mario Bros./Portal game that they went and built one from scratch. Best part? It's downloadable for free, right now!

Available for Windows, OS X and Linux, Mari0 (that's a zero) blends the best of SMB and Valve's first-person puzzle game Portal by arming Mario and Luigi with a Portal gun. It's exactly what you think it is. You can totally breeze through the levels by abusing the Portal gun and force Goombas to fall into their doom.

For a fan-created game, Mari0 has a quite a few features. It has four-player simultaneous co-op, a level editor for tinkerers, and even supports DLC map packs. Additionally, Mario is customizable to a great extent — players can change his hat, hair and skin color as well as the colors of the portals to really make Mari0 more personal.

I've only played it for briefly on OS X, but I can tell you that the game still needs a bit more polish. As it stands, movement is controlled by the WASD keys for up, left, down, right; running is mapped to the left SHIFT key; jumping is the space bar and reload is the R key. And as Wired GeekDad's Chuck Lawton found, I too, feel that the game controls very awkwardly, especially when aiming is controlled with a mouse in the right hand (worse on a trackpad).

Go have a try at the game yourself. Let us know how your experience is when you pry yourself away and back here.

StabYourself, via Wired

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