Locate your lost stuff with your phone using RFID tags

Do you ever call your own cellphone just so you can locate it in your messy house? If losing stuff at home has become a problem, the U Grok It add on for your cellphone will let you locate things kind of like a mini LoJack system.

For each thing that you want to keep tabs on, you attach a little RFID sticker that will signal the sensor in the Grokker receiver. Then you can add it to your cloud based list of tagged items, allowing you to select what you're looking for when you go on a hunt. The Grokker has a range of about six to ten feet, and beeps at a faster rate like a Geiger counter as you get closer.

I see one big potential problem here. If you're prone to losing stuff, how long before you can't find the Grokker or the cellphone needed to run it. The other issue is the cost. U Grok It hasn't announced any prices yet, but they're shooting for around $100 for the Grokker and $1 for each RFID tag. That could add up fast if you want to tag a lot of stuff.,

U Grok It is currently planning to send out an initial test run of about 1000 Grokkers, with full scale production slated for 2013. In the meantime, I'll try not to lose their web address.

U Grok It, via BoingBoing

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