Live Tron dance performance brings digital effects to the stage

Wouldn't it be cool if you could go to the theater and see a live performance of Tron: Legacy? Well, imagine no more. A small dance troupe from Japan has pulled the neon-digital magic from the big screen to the small stage.

The dancers are from Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra and the LED effects were developed in conjunction with Minoru Fujimoto, who has the best profile description ever on his site: "Ph.D. candidate at Kobe University in Japan. I'm a b-boy and research student." The dance group doesn't officially call its performance "Tron" but the influence is obvious. We got our first look at this amazing performance last month via a Japanese commercial for Docomo's rollout of the Sony Xperia smartphone.

With all due respect to Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark, if someone doesn't bring this live Tron performance to Broadway they're simply leaving money on the table. You can check out the full live performance, as well as the Docomo commercial in the videos below.

Via FashioningTech

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