Like Superman, this robot leaps tall buildings in a single bound

If you want to know what's behind a wall when you're in hostile territory, it's probably not a great idea to stick your head out to take a look. The Sand Flea robot gives you a safer way to look, with its tremendous leaping ability allowing access over walls and into buildings.

The Sand Flea is the latest development of that Precision Urban Hopper robot we saw a few years ago, only now it leaps much higher and with far greater accuracy.

Developed by Boston Dynamics specifically for urban surveillance in places like Afghanistan, the Sand Flea can be equipped with a camera that takes pictures of what's beyond a wall as it flies through the air. This is why it's so important that the robot remains stable in flight, with no unnecessary tumbling or twisting.

The jump is actuated by a gas piston that fires against the ground, and it has sufficient power to lift the robot 30 feet. With enough gas to make up to 25 jumps, the Sand Flea should be able to hippity-hop its way out of most tough situations.

IEEE Spectrum, via Boing Boing

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