Let's hope this Windows 8 controlled cop car is hacker proof

If you're a cop with a perp sitting in the back of your cruiser, the last thing you would want is for them to be able to spring themselves while you're not looking. This Windows 8 control app for cop cars does a lot of cool things, but you had better hope the criminal in the back seat isn't some kind of clever hacker.

The MVP app comes from a security company called Modularis, and it lets you control several functions such as opening the rear doors, and turning on the lights and sirens using voice commands. It also connects the car to the cloud using Windows Azure, so someone back at HQ can see where all the cars are and control them from afar.

This sounds great, but I sure hope they have figured out a way to keep the system really secure. Having voice commands to open the rear doors sounds particularly worrisome. I can just see a group like Anonymous hacking into the cloud based app, and opening every cops car's rear doors at the same time.

GeekWire, via Engadget

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