Lego Game Boy transformer reminds you how great the '80s were

Filled with memories of Japan-mania, video games and the rise of manga and anime outside of Asia, the 1980s truly were a time for nurturing geeks. Most importantly, the '80s birthed the NES, Game Boy and The Transformers — all significant to my childhood geekdom. That's probably why we're overcome with nostalgia over this kick-ass Game Boy transformer made out of Lego with matching transforming Tetris game cartridge. It's a hell of an homage to the classics.

Created by Lego aficionado Julius von Brunk, the "Domaster," short for "Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound" (referring to the Game Boy's monochrome screen and then high-tech portable sound) is everything a Game Boy and Lego fan could ever hope for.

Brunk says on his website that it took about a month to engineer the Domaster. Primarily made out of Lego, the Domaster also has "custom water-slide clear decals" printed from a laser printer. Purists will rip Brunk's creation for its slightly off proportions and two AA batteries (the original Game Boy sucked four AA batteries like a fiend), but we'd challenge you to do better. We're especially digging the matching "Tetrawing" Tetris cartridge that transforms into a bird.

From Lego ISS models built on the actual ISS to functional Lego prosthetic arms, the plastic blocks continue to amaze. Do you like Brunk's Game Boy transformer? Wait until you see his "Plasmashocker" NES Zapper transformer made out of Lego.

Via MOC Pages

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