LED flashlight walks thin line between household gadget and weapon

The new LED Lenser X21 flashlight is a special kind of functional. It's the kind of item you'll keep near your bed in case the lights go out or if you want to stun an intruder senseless. I just love a dual-purpose device.

The X21 provides an incredibly bright 1,100 lumens courtesy of seven LEDs. And while that's bright on it's own, the flashlight also uses a quick focusing system to illuminate what's in front of it up to 1,500 feet. It's the focus that helps amplify the perceived brightness of this flashlight other LED models.

That would be so bright the manufacturer recommends that you don't shine it directly in a person's eyes. Unless you are deliberately trying to stun them.

Of course there is more than one way to stun an intruder. Should the brightness fail you (though it doesn't look like it will) the flashlight itself is pretty beefy and could pack a wallop in case of emergencies.

The X21 is made from black machined aluminum and weighs over three pounds. It even comes with a shoulder strap. This is type of flashlight that could stand up to a serious camping trip.

So if you're like me and you can see the value of having something that is so powerful it can light your path to the latrine and keep you safe from Bigfoot at the same time, then you are not going to mind the $500 price tag.

Whether you sling it over your shoulder or hide it near the bed it doesn't matter — you'll probably always feel pretty safe with this uber-flashlight.

LED Lenser, via Wired

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