Kickstarter now serving up glorious mech combat

Robots do a lot of amazing things for us these days, such as building cars and snuggling with the elderly, but one thing they don't do enough of is fire rockets and PPCs at one another. That's why "Help us build a Mech Warfare Robot Arena!" gets my vote for best Kickstarter project name ever. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Talkin' 'bot? Hm.

The Mech Warfare competition is run by "a group of hobbyists, robotics engineers, students, and various humans" who are humbly requesting a mere $6,000 (of which $2,000 has already been pledged as of this post) in crowd-sourced funds.

In return, they promise a modular, "armored" arena that has a mini city made of Lexan and aluminum, and necessary-sounding walls to "keep the spectators on the outside safe from stray micro-rockets and BBs." There will also be live streams of the action, including footage from the view of the mechs.

That last bit is one of the big draws of the Mech Warfare competition: the 'bots are piloted remotely in a first-person view, so the operators are essentially playing Mech Warrior out in the real world. The 'bots aren't taller than anyone's knee, sure, but this bigger arena will allow for some bigger robots. You can learn more at Mech Warfare's Kickstarter here.

Give Mech Warfare a decade, and I'm hoping it looks more like this.

Kickstarter, via Mech Warfare, via IEEE Automaton

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