James Cameron's Deepsea Challenger will head for the ocean floor

Movie director James Cameron is obsessed with the deep ocean. So now the man who directed deep sea adventures like The Abyss and Titanic has revealed how he plans to become the first person in over 50 years to reach the deepest point on the planet.

Cameron's Deepsea Challenger is pretty tiny compared to the bathyscaphe Trieste which reached the bottom of the Challenger Deep in 1960, so there's only enough room for Cameron to go by himself. At seven miles below the ocean's surface the water pressure is around 16,000 pounds per square inch, so your submersible had better be quite well built if you don't want it to get crushed like an elephant stepping on a soda can.

Cameron says that he plans to make his dive "within weeks," which sounds like a good plan if he wants to be King of the Ocean in addition to his self-proclaimed title as King of the World. That's because British billionaire Richard Branson has his own plans to make a dive to the bottom of the world in his Virgin Oceanic by the end of the year.

National Geographic, via IEEE Specturm

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