Instagram becomes a real social network with Hipstamatic team-up

Two of the iPhone's most popular photography apps — Instagram and Hipstamatic — are teaming up together to form what could be the biggest thing to happen to photo-sharing since Flickr landed on the scene in 2004.

For those living under a rock, Hipstamatic is a photography app for iOS that lets user choose different "vintage lenses" and swap them with different types of film (digital app film) to create stylized photos. The photos can then be shared to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

FastCompany is reporting that Hipstamatic has struck a deal with Instagram — another popular photography app with a 27 million-strong community that lets users shoot and edit photos with a variety of built-in filters.

The new partnership will let Hipstamatic users push their photos out to Instagram's photo-sharing network along with the other social networks it already supports.

"When we launched, it was all about Facebook and Flickr and Twitter, and now we're seeing a huge shift in our user base toward Instagram," says Hipstamatic cofounder and CEO Lucas Buick. "We've never been a social networking company, but we clearly benefit from social networks. So this will be the first app outside of Instagram that lets you into their network. That's pretty cool for us."

Photos shared from Hipstamatic to Instagram will be tagged with "Taken with Hipstamatic." Hipstamatic hopes that the mutual agreement will lead to more iPhone users buying and downloading its app and in-app films. Instagram seems content with having an instant 4 million Hipstamatic users to grow and nurture.

Seems like a win-win for both sides.

As for when an Instagram app will show up for Android? It made a brief appearance at SXSW. Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom says it'll be "really soon." So be patient, or buy an iPhone?

Systrom says Instagram on Android is "one of the most amazing Android apps you'll ever see" and "in some ways, it's better than our iPhone app."

Those are bold claims Systrom! We'll hold you to your words when the Android version of Instagram drops. Whenever that is.

Via FastCompany

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