Awesome job: giving video game monsters a voice (video)

At lot of time is spent talking about the graphics in video games, but that is really just one part of the sensory experience. The other part — the sound — immerses you in the game often without you thinking about it. The clanks, the screams, the gunfire all come from somewhere, so how is it done?

This video takes you inside Wabi Sabi Sound, an audio post-production house that creates sound for games. I have to say, once I started watching I was hooked.

Sounds that I thought had to have been digitally based actually had a lot of human process behind it.

While some sounds are stock on their computers, the guys at Wabi Sabi use everything from violins to scrap metal — and just about everything in between — to create unique sounds to fit what we see on-screen.

Be sure to stay tuned to see how they give a necromorph its voice.

The only clue I'll give is that a team member says: "When you have no creature, be the creature."

The video was produced and edited by Mauricio Balvanera.

Via LaughingSquid

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