Greatest profile picture ever! Warped galaxy captured by Hubble

The Hubble Telescope has captured some amazing pictures in its day, but this one is warped. In a good way. This shot — taken from 150 million light years away — shows the spiral galaxy ESO 510-13 in profile.

Normally spiral galaxies are flat, containing gas, planets and other space matter orbiting a galactic center such as a black hole. It's not unlike how the planets form a plane while orbiting the sun. The theory is they are flat because of the way gas clouds collide early in the galaxy's lifespan.

But, there are always exceptions to every rule, and this is a pretty spectacular specimen of it. Warping in some galaxies is believed to be caused by gravitational interactions between galaxies or collisions between them but no one knows for sure.

In any case, if the Hubble Telescope hadn't captured this perfect profile picture of this galaxy we wouldn't be able to see just how warped some of them can become.

See the picture in all its glory here.

NASA, via PopSci

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