Gesture calculator app speeds up calculations by 200 percent

Solving a problem that nobody seemed to have in the first place, Berger and Fohr's "Rechner Calculator" trades button presses for multitouch gestures that will supposedly speed up your calculating needs by 200 percent!

One of the goals of touchscreen technology is to make software more intuitive and instinctive. What's more natural than touch?

The Rechner Calculator is an iOS app that simplifies a calculator's functions. To subtract, swipe to the left. To add numbers, swipe to the right. It's as easy as increasing and decreasing figures. The equal function is now one swipe up and to clear everything is two swipes downward. It's that easy.

Despite its intuitiveness, the same can't be said for the multiply and divide functions. For some reason they're hidden in a drawer that can be activated with one swipe down. Hopefully the app gets updated for something smarter like three or four finger gestures.

The app is available at the App Store link below. It's $1. Best $1 I spent all day.

iTunes, via Rechner

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