Just wow: 111-pound Lego model of a Battlestar Galactica starship

Did you like that 56-pound Battlestar Galactica Berzerk Lego model made by Garry King? Scrub that creation out of your memory. King's back and he's built an even bigger and heavier starship out of Lego bricks. Say hello to King's 111-pound Lego Battlestar Galactica Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie is absolutely fantastically gigantic. The entire Lego model measures 122 inches long by 43.3 inches wide by 14.9 inches high. Its pod size and landing bays are 51 inches long by 9.25 inches wide x 5.7 inches high by themselves.

Building a project this massive isn't something you just slap together in a weekend. King says on his MOCpages site that it took over five months to construct the 42,341-piece Valkyrie.

Most impressive of all? The Lego Valkyrie was created by only referencing images on the Internet. King says "I guess if I had a blueray [sic] player and dvd's I could have seen more detail."

King, I don't think anyone will notice if a few turrets are missing. This thing is making my head spin. I can only imagine how fulfilling it must have been to build it. In standard King fashion, the Valkyrie is photographed with some very lovely cosmo backgrounds in the gallery below.

For more detailed closeups of the Valkyrie, mosey on over to King's site.

MOCpages, via Brother's Brick

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