Four-in-one non-lethal weapon offers lots of stopping options

We've all seen videos where security personnel use an inappropriate tool to stop a perpetrator, and often it's simply because they don't have something more suitable with them. This arm-worn weapon is designed to avoid that, by giving them a choice between four different non-lethal weapons.

The "Non-Lethal Weapon Mount With Modular Weapon Components" combines a stun gun, pepper spray or Mace, a gun with non-lethal bullets, and a blinding stun light in one compact arm-mounted pod. It even has controls that let you vary the intensity of each weapon, so you can turn the stun gun down when trying to stop an evil protesting Grandma.

Inventor Joel Braun received a patent for the device last month, but dude, I think you need to come up with a catchier name if you want this to get off the ground. Any ideas?

Wired, via Gizmodo

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